VIEWPOINT: Celebrities need to not promote weight loss supplements


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The marketing of so-called healthy items improperly promotes what comprises a healthy diet plan. Photo credit: Samantha Anello Celebrities such as the Kardashians, Amber Rose and Jenni “J WOWW” Farley are simply a couple of well-known faces that utilize their platforms to promote weight loss items. Companies such as Flat Tummy Co. and 310 Nutrition utilize celebs to back their items through social networks. Instead of promoting unhealthy weight loss supplements, celebs need to utilize their platform to promote self-love and a healthy body image. With individuals typically admiring the individual holding the weight loss supplements for the cams, they tend to overlook the real adverse effects that these items bring. Social media does not use professional suggestions and is absolutely not the platform for these items. Some see an apparently ideal star with a toned body or a picture-perfect body, however others take a look at it as the “easy way out.” Since these celebs are putting no effort into publishing exercise regimens, they make it appear that the weight loss programs work like magic. “They’re just something for you to spend money on and for advertisers to bribe you to try their products,” junior sports management significant Nasya Chauncey stated. “You know what’s best for you and how to lose weight. Some of them may work, but it’s just something for you to waste money on. I don’t think they actually work.” Fox News reported that due to “flexible federal regulation of weight loss products and their often…